Covid-19 measures

Safety and hygiene protocols

Access with a mask, and gloves if possible, to the room.


Sanitize hands and gloves at reception.


Interpersonal distance: 2 meters.


Maximum 3 people at reception.


Deposit the required documents at reception (or by email).


Pick up the key at check-in and access the room.


Outside the room wear a mask, do not touch anything.


Use the elevator: only one person with a mask.


Pick up properly sanitized documents at reception.


Security measures applied by the hotel to protect clients and workers.

  • Our staff always works with work clothes and a mask.

  • We sanitize hands and gloves at each change of room, floor, etc.

  • Ventilation of the rooms before and after cleaning until the end of the day.

  • New / clean cloth and mop to clean each room.

  • After each cleaning we sanitize the room for 2 hours and ventilate.

  • All the most delicate parts and surfaces are sanitized: controls, handles, knobs, switches, earth, taps, railings, handrails, elevator, vending machines, … Susceptible contact elements.